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Adding Decimals On A Number Line Worksheets

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Adding Decimals On A Number Line Worksheets. Each worksheet has 16 problems identifying the location of a decimal on a number line. So, what are you waiting?

Number Line Worksheets
Number Line Worksheets from

We also include complimentary fractional values on a few of the sheets which helps students really get a good. In this worksheet, children will use number lines to practice adding and subtracting decimals to the tenths and hundredths place. As usual in addition, start on the right, and add each column in turn.

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Adding decimals worksheets for kids. It requires careful consideration of the numbers and where each number below the other and all the decimal points lined up. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide the decimals using a number line. For example, let's say you give kids the problem 3.6 + 0.8.


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