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Time To The Hour Worksheets

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Time To The Hour Worksheets. In this telling time worksheet kids write the times on the clock faces on the lines. The minute hands are all on the 12, but where are the hour hands?

Half Hour
Half Hour from

Includes games, elapsed time worksheets, word problems, and lots more. Hot or cold worksheets printable. Daily activities worksheets worksheets in which the student writes the time of daily activities, like getting up, eating lunch, and going to bed.

All problems are in half hour increments (ie.

Some of the worksheets displayed are name score, telling time, grade 2 time work, grade 2 time work, loop cards 24 hour clock pm times, , telling time one hour intervals, reading analog clocks a. This telling time worksheet pack contains 12 total worksheets with answer sheets. Students read the clocks and put the answer in the answer field below each clock. Adding or subtracting time worksheets these time worksheets will produce four different clock faces and ask four different addition or subtraction time questions for each problem.


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